Katie Cooper

I want to stand as the Labour Party Candidate for Filton and Bradley Stoke in the next General Election. I passionately believe in Jeremy Corbyn's message of a fairer, more equal society that works for the many not the few, and know that I can turn these ideas into transformative action. I am determined to fight to live in a place where the most vulnerable are protected and empowered. My family were Kent miners and during the 1984-5 strike I lived amongst desperate financial hardship. I have worked as a single parent foster carer since 2010 specialising in children with special needs and complex histories and have found these relationships mutually empowering, yet have witnessed terrible injustices within the system. These experiences have convinced me of my duty to put everything I have into creating a better world for ordinary, vulnerable, and oppressed people. I would be proud to represent my fellow constituents each day and will work as hard as I possibly can to make sure they are not failed again.


A Local MP who Cares for our Community

I live in Filton and Bradley Stoke and will work passionately to preserve and strengthen our community, supporting institutions that deliver for my fellow residents.

Education for All

I will fight for a fair funding of our schools and support a Corbyn government with the introduction of the National Education Service.

Support for the Underemployed

I will help build an economy that delivers the best outcomes for the many not the few, fighting to end zero hour contracts and increase worker’s rights.

Productive Communication Across Local Authorities

I will create greater cohesion between the Bristol and South Gloucestershire authorities to improve issues such as transport in our area and ensure mistakes made in projects like the metrobus are not repeated.